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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Beginning

What say you, dear friends and family? You don't know enough about me already? Well let me fix that by opening an entirely new forum to describe the extreme minutia of my everyday life! You can thank me later.

Allow me to start by saying I am not an awkward person. Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Jane, that's exactly what an awkward person would say." And you might also be thinking about having a snack, because really, who isn't? But no, I'm not awkward. I'm socially ept. I have friends (and I didn't even pay for all of them). My family likes me. My dog thinks I'm pretty cool. But awkward things just seem to happen to me. I figure I can ignore them like the rest of the human race does...or I can document them here along with other stories of my life for the world to enjoy. How Gen Y of me, I know. Just remember: When in doubt, I am so totally entitled to this blog, just like I'm entitled to job promotions and a healthy work/life balance.

I can't guarantee I will have time to update this often, but I will try my best for you, my adoring fans. I'm not used to writing without an editor, so I'm sure that the lack of checks and balances will allow this to get somewhat politically incorrect and weird at times (although I suppose that's kind of the point). We're working without a net here, people!


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