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Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Would Kate Middleton Do?

I'm obsessed. No, not with the royal wedding. Just with Kate. I want her to be my friend so we can share clothes and tiaras.

(If you haven't visited this site, do it. Right now.)

In a stroke of genius on Friday, I asked my friends to dye my hair "Kate Middleton brown." Being the patient and considerate person that she is, Paula was given the lead with this task. (She was also the most sober, a quality I look for in someone who has the power to change my appearance dramatically.)

Dr. Paula mixin' it up. 

Wine + DVR-ed royal wedding = Jane not caring what Paula is putting on her head. 

The anticipation and excitement was just too much for Alex.

Time to rinse 'er out. Gedmin's maniacal smile really seals the deal here.

 Spitting image of Princess Catherine, right? I know.

Finished product! A lot darker than Kate's, but I'm still pleased with the results!

Kate wishes she looked this good.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. Did a little shopping with Ged on Saturday. Caught up on some pre-finals week homework. Rounded out Saturday night with a party for my winter volleyball team. I don't think anyone can say that being in grad school while working full time has stopped us from having fun!

Sean, Tim, Macey, Joe and me. The survivors of the party, and your future business leaders. (No idea why the glare makes it look like I'm staring off into the distance again. I promise I'm looking at the camera this time!)

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  1. OMG. LOVE the Kate Middleton site. I am cracking up. Also, Paula died my hair once senior year and I just did it again much darker but wished she was there to do it. I get all nervous.