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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My brush with fame. Literally – our shoulders brushed.

So last Friday after work, I get on the el with the mass transit elite to go home from work. I get in the last car like always (which lets me out closest to the set of stairs I need to take at my stop…there is a lot of thought put into my commute). This car was relatively empty (whoo-hoo!) and I see an open seat right away. Having a seat on the el is the equivalent to winning the lottery in Jane World, so I’m pretty pumped. EXCEPT! The kid in the connected seat has his bag of Frisbees© sitting on it. Placing a bag on an empty seat during the 5pm commute is nothing short of treason in Jane World, so me being the subtle person I am, I sit down anyway – partially on the bag of Frisbees© and partially moving them out of my way with my bulldozer of an ass.

(Sidenote: I’m actually quite polite on the train normally, I promise.)

So I’m sitting there, and I happen to look up at the guy across from me and have the following conversation with myself:

Disbelieving Jane: “Wow, that guy really looks like the Asian kid from Glee. But why would he be taking the el? I bet that poor guy gets that all the time.”
Rational Jane: “Oh, so they all look the same to you?”

Rational Jane wins for the moment, until I catch the eye of Frisbee© guy out of my periphery. I do sort of a half turn (we are literally sitting shoulder to shoulder, so a full turn would have been incredibly awkward) and Frisbee© guy gives me a smirk that plainly says, “Yes, we are who you think we are.”

Holy eff, it’s Puck.

I sat on Puck’s bag of Frisbees©. Puck smirked at me. Holy eff.

Unfortunately, once the brain of Teenage Jane had time to process all this – and text Schwind, obviously – Puck and Mike Chang (real names: Mark Salling and Harry Shum Jr.) were getting off the train. But don’t worry, it ended with the following exchange:

Puck: <attempting to pull his bag of Frisbees© from partially underneath me>
Remorseful Jane: I’m so sorry!
Puck: <smirk>

Sigh. He’s just as pretty in real life.

By the way, I later found out via Twitter that they were actually discs for disc golf, not Frisbees©.

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